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There is a remarkable amount of information regarding unmanned aircraft (UA) and drones. So much is it debilitating for those who just want to know the certification steps. Here they are:

(This does not include the steps for existing manned aircraft pilots)

  1. Study to FAA Airman Certification Standards (ACS) for the Remote Pilot exam.
    • Two approaches (see below)
  2. Schedule your exam with a Airman Knowledge Testing Center 
    • Simply call the identified contact numbers to schedule your Remote Pilot Exam and follow their instructions.
    • Plan for the day! Do your due diligence…over prepare for getting to the testing center like plan for traffic issues.
  3. OK, you have passed the exam but to complete the process you still need to register with the FAA IACRA system (Integrated Airman Certification and Rating Application).
    • Expect a 7 day delay for your exam results from the testing center to be transferred to IACRA.
  4. That’s is it…meanwhile follow the instructions to print up your temporary certification (carry this with you at all times when flying). Your FAA Remote Pilot Certification card will arrive in the mail in the amount of time they have specified.

Approaches to learning the FAA Airman Certification Standards for Remote Pilots

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