Drone Safety Academy regards SAFETY, QUALITY and INTEGRITY to be the highest values a training provider can offer in their educational program.

This information is organized as follows:

  1. Drone Safety Academy’s approach to excellence (Read this before you read #2)
  2. The organization of the knowledge training (Read this before you read #3)
  3. Student/user responsibilities for the money back process in the unfortunate event of not meeting the FAA minimum to pass the Remote Pilot exam:

Our approach to excellence:

  1. Every Airman Certification Standard (ACS) study point is covered in this training process.
    • New rules and regulations regarding night operations and operations over people are pending therefore those items are not included. They will be added at the appropriate time.
    • To better understand the FAA ACS please read this FAA tri-fold brochure.
    • We understand that a select few ACS study points have an unlikely chance of appearing as a test question on the FAA Remote Pilot exam. Regardless: The FAA has established all ACS study points for a reason: SAFETY. Thus, Drone Safety Academy chooses to follow the path of safety defined through the FAA ACS.
  2. Every fact and point of information is researched in 1000s of pages in freely available FAA documents and the Code of Federal Rule (CFR) making.
    • Facts and points of information are cited down to the page or section of a cited document for every Drone Safety Academy test question, study guide and video.
  3. FAA EXAM QUESTION PLAGIARISM is a legitimate increase in risk to safe operations, moreover this unacceptable approach trains Paper Tigers.
    • Drone Safety Academy’s brand promise is this: Safety and Integrity. We are in lockstep with EVERY FAA Remote Pilot ACS study point and we will not plagiarize FAA’s ‘pay for access’ exam questions. If you are seeking plagiarized FAA’s exam questions to pass the Remote Pilot exam then Drone Safety Academy advises you to think about the consequences and reconsider.

The knowledge training is organized in the following manner:

  1. Module 1 is an introduction which includes:  the process for a student/user to claim the guarantee (as noted below), a syllabus, a resource guide and clarification of expectations to succeed.
  2. Modules 2-10 are dedicated to new aspiring pilots and existing remote pilots who need to retake the exam (This does not include the new FAA & CFR pending changes to Night Operations and Operations over People…Those new study points and training have been created and will be added at the appropriate times). This 1st section ends with 4 cumulative quizzes based on the focus questions. See #5 paragraph 5.
  3. Modules 11-16 are dedicated to the new aspiring remote pilot. This section ends with module 16 which includes 2 cumulative quizzes based on focus questions for this section and repeats the same 4 cumulative quizzes of section 1.
  4. All Modules are further organized based the percentage (%) of questions as stated in the FAA Remote Pilot ACS (Appendix 1)
  5. In each module and session:
    • Module level: Each module starts with A) a visually intense study guide &  B) a resource guide for what to expect in that unique module such as: study topics with ACS listing, cited pages/sections & where to find the cited information & links to all the FAA documents and CFR rules.
    • Session level: Each session has a bite size microlearning video (which closely summarizes the study guide): The study guide and videos are followed by short session quizzes.
      • The session quizzes have a range of 5 to 20+ questions per quiz. Throughout all sessions you will cover 500+ questions: Primary questions (200+) and Focused questions (300+).
        1. A Primary question covers a FAA Remote Pilot ACS study point which may have a lower chance of being on the FAA Remote Pilot Exam.
        2. A Focus question covers a FAA Remote Pilot ACS study point which may have a higher chance of being on the FAA Remote Pilot Exam.
    • Model level: Each module ends with with a cumulative focused question quiz and a quality survey.
      1. Cumulative focus question quiz: This includes all the focus questions of the current module and all the focus questions from the 4 previous modules as you progress through.
      2. A quality survey must be filled out at the end of each module. If you believe that you have found an error please state the FAA document (or CFR) and the page/section which clarifies the matter. Clearly state why it is an error.
      3. Module 10 ends with 4 section quizzes as stated in #2 above but also includes a quality survey.
      4. Module 16 ends with section quizzes as stated in #3 above but also includes a quality survey.
    • Module and session quizzes:
      • To progress through the curriculum you must pass the quizzes with 90% or better.
      • Read the questions in full each time even though you might know how the questions finishes. Doing so trains your mind to NOT take short cuts (taking short cuts is a increased risk to your success).

Student/user responsibilities for the money back guarantee process that same student/user has failed to meet the minimum passing score for the FAA Remote Pilot exam:

  1. You agree to not sabotage any part or element of the process regarding: 1) your access to the learning management system which hosts the Drone Safety Academy training,  2) towards yourself in any way (This include any actions which may negatively impact your success) 3) the Drone Safety Academy money back process and/or 4) taking the FAA Remote Pilot exam.
  2. You agree that if you do not do your due diligence to arrive at the testing center at the scheduled day and time for the FAA Remote Pilot exam you scheduled then you forfeit the money back if you miss sitting for the exam. Failure to take the FAA Remote Pilot exam is not the equivalent as sitting for the exam and failing to meet the minimum passing score.
  3. If the testing center is unexpectedly closed contact Drone Safety Academy immediately to discuss options. Drone Safety Academy will verify test center closure.
  4. You agree to complete the Drone Safety Academy training and process through to the end of module 16 in 3 months.
  5. You agree to schedule your FAA Remote Pilot exam & sit for your FAA Remote Pilot exam within 7 days of completing the final Drone Safety Academy training process.
  6. You understand that if you fail and choose the money back process you will need to follow each of the following steps 100% completely and accurately:
    • Failing to do your part for each step will nullify the money back process.
    • You will contact Drone Safety Academy within 24 hours of failing the exam.
    • You will send the original testing center test results (The certified paper printout) to Drone Safety Academy through priority mail (2 day mailing) within 48 hours of receiving your test results.
    • Drone Safety Academy will reach out you to schedule a time to discuss, establish & verify the failed results.
    • Before the scheduled meeting takes place you are required to register with the Integrated Airman Certification and Rating Application (IACRA) website: https://iacra.faa.gov/iacra/default.aspx
    • It takes approximately 7 days, after taking the FAA Remote Pilot exam, for any results from the testing center to be uploaded to the IACRA website.
    • Drone Safety Academy will establish a digital desktop screen sharing session to:
      1. Establish that you completed the Drone Safety Academy curriculum with in the 3 month time period.
      2. Establish that you sat for the FAA Remote Pilot exam no later than 7 days of completing the Drone Safety Academy training process.
      3. You will log on to the IACRA to present your testing history.
      4. After all elements have been satisfied a refund will will be issued to you.